War. Betrayal. Exile.

When you’re an immortal Valkyrie, who has walked the realms for two thousand years, there are some moments that haunt your every step.
Ready or not, Sigrun was dragged out of her self-imposed isolation. Now she is saddled with the responsibility of mentoring a young valkyrie, while trying to help her friends. With enemies closing in, Sigrun is done running from fights.
Born and raised to be a warrior, she prepares to take the battle to them. 
Yet from the shadows of Sigrun’s past an old adversary reemerges. A dark magic practitioner who knows the truth that forced Sigrun into exile. Sigrun would gladly face her alone, but fate has other plans. A mysterious fae warrior, with a jaded history all his own, is determined to aid her in the fight to come.  But whether he is truly a friend or just another enemy waiting to strike remains to be seen.
To protect the future, and the lives of those they hold dear, it’s time for Sigrun to defeat her past once and for all.
Coming 1/2/2024
Maddox Grey

Meet the Author

Maddox Grey is the author of the romantic fantasy series, Lost Legacies. 

After earning a degree in history and political science, Maddox was pulled kicking and screaming from the world of academia and thrust into the tech industry. Because they had bills to pay and nerd muscles to flex.

Whenever possible, they leave reality behind to build fantasy worlds filled with snarky morally grey characters and hot but devious love interests. Maddox currently resides in the northeast, but they’ll always consider themselves Californian at heart. They live with their partner and faithful, but often stinky, furry companions.

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"Grey’s elaborate first entry in the paranormal fantasy series Lost Legacies delivers a full-bodied tale of revenge and mystery in a town filled with fae, daemons, merfolk, vampires, and werewolves." ~ Book Life (Review for A Shift in Shadows)
“Despite the character roster growing to a series high, Maddox Grey’s writing allows the reader to separate and compartmentalize the individual friends and foes to create an engaging story.” ~ Kevin (ARC Review for A Shift in Ashes)
"Grey cultivates rich, character-driven lore that teems with dark drama, lust, secrets, and betrayal, prudently exposing the cast’s eccentricity, each bound by tenuous relationships with each other and all carrying a grudge or a secret—or both." ~ Book Life (Review for A Shift in Shadows)
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