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It was only a few months ago that Bryn was just a girl living in the remote fae village where she was abandoned as a baby. No one knew who or what she was, but the fae still took her in and raised her, despite knowing she wasn’t one of their own. She made a place for herself, accepted it as home. Then everything changed when she befriended a young fae boy.

Now she’s living in the human realm and finally knows what she is—a valkyrie. She’s sworn to protect Finn, the son of the exiled fae King, but that’s not without its challenges. Finn has no shortage of enemies who want to use him, or worse, ensure the dark prophecy surrounding him comes to pass.

As a new valkyrie, Bryn needs help to master her magic. The kind of help she can only get from another valkyrie. So when Nemain brings her to meet Sigrun, an old valkyrie with a complicated history of her own, Bryn thinks she’s finally found the mentor she needs. But the legendary valkyrie wants nothing to do with training a new valkyrie.

Bryn is determined to change her mind, but how? Can she prove herself worthy before their enemies close in?

Meet the Author

Maddox Grey is the author of the fantasy series, Lost Legacies. Despite having a degree in history and political science, they built a career in technology and worked in both IT and software development.

When not writing code or books, Maddox spends most of their free time playing video games and reading comics, fantasy, and sci-fi books. With some romance books sprinkled in. Despite living in New England for almost a decade, they will never get over their California roots and cannot handle New England winters. After spending the summer camping with their partner and faithful canine companion, Maddox retreats indoors for New England winter and cuddles with their cat on the couch…and complains about the weather.