Snippet Friday

Small non-spoilery snippet from A Shift in Shadows. And yes, the plant makes an appearance in A Shift in Fate too : )   “What does this have to do with why the warlocks and vampires are hunting you?” Hazel eyes brimming with curiosity and a small amount of wariness met mine. My magic shifted under my skin, […]

Book Cover + Title Reveal!

The official title for Book Two of the Lost Legacies series is A Shift in Fate. Woo! I really struggle to come up with titles and I had to make a decision with the second book, basically if I wanted to take a “themed” title approach or come up with a completely different title for […]

Book Two is Done!

Okay, Book Two isn’t actually done. But the first draft of Book Two is done! I’ve officially handed off the manuscript to the editor so now I get to just sit around and relax while waiting for her feedback. Okay that’s a lie too. While I wait to hear back from the editor, which probably […]