Another Jinx Snippet

It wasn’t my intention to post two Jinx related snippets back-to-back but I’m going with it. This will probably be the last snippet from A Shift in Shadows, the edits for A Shift in Fate should be hitting my inbox any moment so all future snippets will be coming from there. While I wait for […]

Robot Dinosaurs

I’m enjoying a brief moment of downtime while I wait for the edits to come back for A Shift in Fate. I’ve already started writing Book Three, but my goal is to release that in December/January so I still have plenty of time. I have a tendency to overwork and not give myself breaks so […]

Snippet Friday!

Happy Friday y’all! Here’s a snippet from A Shift in Shadows featuring Jinx, the next few snippets will continue to be from A Shift in Shadows but after that I’ll be switching over to A Shift in Fate!    Jinx lifted his head and looked at us from his chair. He met Andrei’s eyes, and […]