So Many Book Recs

The last few months have been crazy busy! A Shift in Fate was released in August and as an indie author, all of the admin type work that comes with a book release falls on me. That includes things like uploading all the manuscripts, writing taglines and blurbs, marketing on social media and other platforms, […]

A Shift in Fate ARCs

The advanced reading copies (ARCs) are live on Book Sirens and Book Sprout! Since this is the second book in the Lost Legacies series and you really need to have read the first one to understand what’s going on in this one, I’ve decided to make some more ARCs available for A Shift in Shadows! […]

So Many Works In Progress

I had already set a pretty ambitious writing schedule for myself over the next year. My plan was to release A Shift in Fate in August and then release books 3 and 4 next year. I’m not the fastest of writers. If I’m in a good headspace, I can write 3,000 words in a day, […]

Weekend Plans: Editing, Zombies, and Camping

I’m just over halfway through the edits for A Shift in Fate. This is the part where things start to get tricky. There are two major things I’m changing based on the feedback I got from my editor. I’m removing one character completely. They’ll be referenced towards the end, but they won’t appear on the […]

Second Chapter of A Shift in Fate

I’m officially halfway through the edits for A Shift in Fate. Yay!  Overall the edits are pretty minor which is nice. It makes the process more fun, and less stressful. I do have to make a fairly major change to one character, basically remove them from the book, lol. It’s actually pretty similar to what […]

First Chapter of A Shift in Fate

The edits for A Shift in Fate landed in my inbox over the weekend! The edits for A Shift in Shadows were tough and took a long time, but I don’t think that will be the case for A Shift in Fate. There were some issues I had with the overall story that I was […]

Another Jinx Snippet

It wasn’t my intention to post two Jinx related snippets back-to-back but I’m going with it. This will probably be the last snippet from A Shift in Shadows, the edits for A Shift in Fate should be hitting my inbox any moment so all future snippets will be coming from there. While I wait for […]

Robot Dinosaurs

I’m enjoying a brief moment of downtime while I wait for the edits to come back for A Shift in Fate. I’ve already started writing Book Three, but my goal is to release that in December/January so I still have plenty of time. I have a tendency to overwork and not give myself breaks so […]

Snippet Friday!

Happy Friday y’all! Here’s a snippet from A Shift in Shadows featuring Jinx, the next few snippets will continue to be from A Shift in Shadows but after that I’ll be switching over to A Shift in Fate!    Jinx lifted his head and looked at us from his chair. He met Andrei’s eyes, and […]

Snippet Friday

Small non-spoilery snippet from A Shift in Shadows. And yes, the plant makes an appearance in A Shift in Fate too : )   “What does this have to do with why the warlocks and vampires are hunting you?” Hazel eyes brimming with curiosity and a small amount of wariness met mine. My magic shifted under my skin, […]