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A Shift in Shadows (Lost Legacies Book 1)

A wicked feline shifter. A cruel warlock.
And a dark secret that can devour worlds.
A bloody heart. That has been my birthday gift every year from the warlock I once loved. He used me, so I left him. And found the love of my life. We shared a blissful life together until Sebastian destroyed it all with one sweeping declaration.
You will always be mine.
After failing in my attempt to get revenge and barely escaping. I find myself once again starting over with the support of my friends, and trying to let go of the past. When I meet the sweet and adorably innocent local werewolf, Andrei, I think I might finally have a real shot at finding happiness again. I should have known better.
Sebastian has found me and he’ll do what he always does—hurt those I love. But I have a secret. The dark magic I keep chained deep within my soul is a weapon just waiting to be unleashed. I could finally claim my revenge and protect everyone important to me. But my kind of magic is forbidden. And the price for using it may be my life.
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