It wasn’t my intention to post two Jinx related snippets back-to-back but I’m going with it. This will probably be the last snippet from A Shift in Shadows, the edits for A Shift in Fate should be hitting my inbox any moment so all future snippets will be coming from there. While I wait for those edits to come in, I’m still working on Book Three. I’ve gotten 15,000 words written so far, with a goal of 30,000 by the end of April. That will largely depend on how much I need to edit for A Shift in Fate. The editing process for A Shift in Shadows was really tough and it stressed me out a lot, I think I learned a lot from that experience though so I’m hoping this time around  it’s a bit easier. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, on to the snippet! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Jinx leaped down from whatever tree he’d been perched in and trotted over to some bushes at the base of a tall redwood.

“You could have helped,” I said.

You’re perfectly capable of taking care of four vampires. Besides, I wanted to see how this played out.

Not entirely understanding what he meant, I walked over to where he was standing and peered into the bushes. Another vampire lay on the ground, a pouch next to him that reeked of magic. A familiar-looking dagger was in the vampire’s heart. Jinx lashed out with his paw, and the head rolled away.

Jinx gave me a knowing look but didn’t say anything.

“Whatever. I could have handled it.” I pulled the dagger free from the vampire and wiped it off, shoving it into my boot. I cleaned my swords and put them back into their sheaths. Assuming Dante took care of the other vampires, I likely wouldn’t be using my weapons for the rest of the night.

“You ready to do this?” I asked Jinx.

Of course.

I started to move but stopped and looked at him. Golden eyes locked onto mine. “Thanks. For coming tonight,” I said softly.

He looked at me for another moment. You’re not going to get all weepy on me again, are you? Like you did at that rock in the lake we used to swim at?

“I was five years old!” I exclaimed. “And that wasn’t a rock. It was a two hundred foot cliff!”

You still cried. And then you got all mad at me.

“You shoved me off the cliff when I was too scared to jump!” I growled at him.

Do I need to shove you now?

I growled and stalked off to face the warlocks waiting for me in the clearing. Jinx was laughing above me as he returned to the trees.