The official title for Book Two of the Lost Legacies series is A Shift in Fate. Woo! I really struggle to come up with titles and I had to make a decision with the second book, basically if I wanted to take a “themed” title approach or come up with a completely different title for every book. I was really on the fence about it and had a few different titles kicking around. What sealed the deal was the title for the third book which I actually came up with while trying to decide on a title for the second book. Because that’s how my brain works. So at the very least I won’t have a struggle for coming up with the title for Book Three but Book Four will be challenging.

And now onto the cover reveal! I once again worked with K.D. Ritichie who designed the amazing cover for A Shift in Shadows. We kept the theme similar and I’m really happy with how it came out! Can’t recommend working with K.D. Ritchie enough!