Okay, Book Two isn’t actually done. But the first draft of Book Two is done! I’ve officially handed off the manuscript to the editor so now I get to just sit around and relax while waiting for her feedback. Okay that’s a lie too. While I wait to hear back from the editor, which probably won’t be for another 4-6 weeks, I need to do some things on the admin side for the book release. The cover is done for Book Two but I still need to do the blurb. I hate writing blurbs. It’s definitely one of the circles of hell for me. Probably the same circle that includes writing your resume or biography. My goal is to get a basic one written and then work with someone with marketing experience to make it better. We’ll see how that goes. In addition to that I’m also reviewing the schedule for what else I have to do for Book Two. The copyedit is already scheduled, still need to schedule the beta readers and proofreader but that will probably wait until I get the edits back. 

I did some pretty substantial edits for A Shift in Shadows, I don’t think that will be the case with Book Two. While creativity is important for writing, it’s still a skill that you get better at the more you practice. Writing Book Two went way smoother for me than A Shift in Shadows because I learned so much while working on that first book. Especially during the editing phase. Because of that, I’m a lot more confident in the first draft of Book Two. There will definitely be some revisions and changes I make during my review of it, plus whatever feedback I get from my editor. But I think the main focus of the editing phase is going to be building out the world a little more and tightening up some of the character development. Book Two mostly takes place in one of the fae realms with a brief excursion to a daemon realm. It was a lot of fun to write this since the first book took place in the human realm, so I got to expand the Lost Legacies world so much more in Book Two.

In other news, the audiobook for A Shift in Shadows is almost done! Should be able to get it out in the wild mid-February and it will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. I’ve started listening to the chapters as they become available to me and I’m so happy with the narrator! She captures all the characters so well and she’s been absolutely wonderful to work with. If you’re looking for a narrator for you book I’d definitely recommend checking her out. She’s also an author herself so take a look at her books as well – Krys Janae.