Lost Legacies Series

If you enjoy fast-paced fantasy with slow burn romance and a healthy heaping of found family vibes…. this is the series for you. Lost Legacies is a romantic fantasy series featuring a snarky morally grey feline shifter and her growing collection of misfits. Oh… and there are lots of cats for some reason.

~Book 1~
A Shift in Shadows

Secrets always claw their way from the shadows.

As a centuries old feline shifter with a dark secret, Nemain knows how to survive. She’s spent her life in the shadows, avoiding scrutiny from the powerful fae and daemons, all while playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the warlock Sebastian. After a grave miscalculation that resulted in her being captured, Nemain has escaped and settled down in the quiet town of Emerald Bay. Amongst her friends and family, and a rather hot werewolf, Nemain thinks she might have finally found happiness.

But the life she’s slowly been piecing back together shatters when vampires show up in town with a message. Her former lover turned enemy Sebastian knows where she is. And he’s coming for her.

Not only are the warlocks hot on her trail, but so is the mysterious assassin of the Vampire Council. With her list of enemies growing by the day, Nemain will have to make a choice. Run and hide. Or stay and embrace her true power… and risk revealing her secret to all.

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~Book 2~
A Shift in Fate

Never do a favor for a daemon.

Whoever said revenge gets you nowhere has clearly never experienced the joy of having all your enemies defeated. Nemain is soaking in the freedom that comes with no longer being hunted. However, her reprieve comes to an end when a friend asks for a favor that she can’t refuse. Not when it could lead to answers that Nemain wants and alliances she desperately needs.

A child with extraordinary magic is being stalked by a group of ruthless fae. No one knows who the fae are or why they’re after the child, but one thing was clear, their magic consumed other magic. They were devourers—or at least part devourer. While most didn’t believe that was possible, Nemain certainly did. She had been hiding her own devourer heritage for her entire life.

In their search for the child, Nemain and her friends unearth other secrets. Old secrets, new secrets. Ancient secrets long forgotten. Secrets from both friend and foe. Once again, Nemain’s fate is going to take a drastic turn. But this time it’s more than just her life on the line and there is no getting out of this without sacrifice.
Ebook, Paperback, and Audio

~Book 3~
A Shift in Fortune

A few months ago, Bryn was just a girl living in the remote fae village that she had built a life in after being abandoned as a baby. Now she’s living in the human realm and getting a crash course on everything from coffee to supernatural politics. She also finally knows what she is—a valkyrie. Sworn to protect Finn, the son of the exiled fae King, Bryn is determined to live up to her role as his guardian.
Her new friends are helping as much as they can, but none of them can help her master her magic. When Nemain arranges for Bryn to meet with Sigrun, an old valkyrie with a complicated history of her own, she jumps at the chance. Unfortunately Sigrun wants nothing to do with training a new valkyrie.
Bryn is determined to change her mind and enlists the help of the dark-haired and clever Elisa to help. But the deeper she dives into Sigrun’s life, the clearer it becomes that the valkyrie warrior might need Bryn as much as Bryn needs her.
Ebook, Paperback, and Audio (coming soon)
A Shift in Shadows fantasy book cover
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~Book 4~
A Shift in Ashes

Fulfill the blood debt. Save the princess. Don’t makeout with the vampire. Easy.

Blood oaths aren’t the type of debt that you can skip out on. Unless you’re willing to part with your magic or your life. Luckily for Nemain, fulfilling her oath to Eddie is something she wants to do. Blood oath aside, Eddie is her friend, and he needs her help to return to his home realm and rescue the love of his life. Plus, going to a realm full of dragons is just the kind of dangerous fun she craves.

But what started out as a straight-forward rescue plan has become so much more. The exiled fae king is plotting, and Nemain needs to figure out just how far his reach has extended beyond the realm that holds him prisoner.

Save the dragon princess. Uncover the evil fae king’s plot. And keep the dangerous and clever-tongued Mikhail at arm’s length. Nemain can surely do at least two of these things…

Ebook, Paperback, and Audio (coming soon)

~Book 5~
A Shift in Wings

War. Betrayal. Exile.

When you’re an immortal valkyrie, who has walked the realms for two thousand years, there are some moments that haunt your every step. Which is why sometimes it’s easier to hide away from the world.

Unfortunately for Sigrun, one of her friends was a stubborn feline shifter who decided it was time to drag the old valkyrie out of her self-imposed isolation. Now she finds herself saddled with the responsibility of mentoring a young valkyrie and doing her best to protect the few friends she has left. But her past won’t let her go, and an old enemy has reappeared.

Determined to face this dark threat alone, Sigrun must adapt her plans when fate interferes. A mysterious fae warrior, with a jaded history all his own, convinces her to agree to a temporary alliance.

No bargain with the fae is ever simple, and this one might once again alter the course of Sigrun’s life.
Ebook, Paperback, and Audio (coming soon)
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