Lost Legacies

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A Shift in Shadows

Secrets can only stay hidden in the shadows for so long.

Nemain is a feline shapeshifter with dangerous skills and even more dangerous magic. Her entire life she has hidden her magic from the fae, daemons, and every other being that inhabits the human realm and beyond. But now her former lover turned enemy, Sebastian, is hot on her trail after she escaped from him with the help of an old friend. The warlock is relentless in his pursuit…and he knows Nemain’s secret.

Seeking refuge in the daemon-run town of Emerald Bay on the Washington coast, Nemain works with her friends to ensure she is finally ready to face Sebastian when he finds her. It’s only a matter of time until he does. But soon she learns it’s not just Sebastian after her, the leaders of the warlocks know about her magic and they now seek her as well. To make matters worse, they’ve enlisted the vampires to help them.

With her enemies closing in around her, Nemain must fight to keep herself free and her loved ones safe. All while keeping her magic a secret. Because if the fae and daemons find out about her magic and what she truly is, they won’t want to capture her. Nemain poses too great of a threat to be allowed to live, if her secrets become known….Nemain’s life will be forfeit. 

Coming August 16, 2022

A Shift in Fate

Six months after Nemain defeated the warlock leadership known as the Circle, she’s soaking in the freedom that comes with no longer being hunted. Her former lover turned enemy, Sebastian, is dead and the Circle has retreated in defeat. However, her reprieve comes to an end when a friend asks for a favor that she can’t refuse. Not when it could lead to answers that Nemain wants and alliances she desperately needs.

After a young fae boy with extraordinary magic wandered into a remote village in one of the fae realms, the village was destroyed. No one knows the identities or allegiances of the fae who destroyed the village, but one thing was clear, their magic consumed other magic. They were devourers—or at least part devourer. While most didn’t believe that was possible, Nemain certainly did. She had been hiding her devourer heritage for her entire life.

While Nemain and her friends set out to find the mysterious child and search for answers about the fae with magic so similar to hers, they discover that there are more secrets in their world than they ever thought possible. Old secrets, new secrets. Ancient secrets long forgotten. Secrets from both friend and foe. And Nemain is in the center of it all. Can she save herself and the fae child? And how much is she willing to sacrifice?