Lost Legacies Series

Books are listed below in their reading order, including novellas, short stories, side character novels and the main books. If you’re curious about the future of the series, release schedule, content warnings, etc. Please refer to the FAQ page.

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~Prequel Novella~
A Shift in Darkness
Before she was captured. Before she was saved. Nemain went looking for magic… and found monsters instead.
Nemain has been hunting the merciless warlock Sebastian for decades. As a centuries-old feline shapeshifter, she is well acquainted with hunting dangerous supernaturals. But Sebastian knows her well, and he is always one step ahead. She will not give up, not after what he did… but her magic is spent, and it’s taking a disastrous toll.
Her friends take matters into their own hands and arrange an easy job for her, escorting the magic-barren Kalari back to their home realm on a quest to find their lost magic. It would be the break Nemain desperately needs, even if it isn’t exactly her idea of a good time. To further tempt her to take the job, Nemain’s friend sweetens the deal – take the job and they’ll give her a promising lead on Sebastian’s whereabouts when she returns.
But the realm that had been decimated by volcanic activity isn’t the empty wasteland Nemain was told it was. Something still lurks there. Something monstrous… and hungry.
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~Book 1~
A Shift in Shadows
Secrets always  claw their way from the shadows. 
As a centuries old feline shifter with a dark secret, Nemain knows how to survive. She’s spent her life in the shadows, avoiding scrutiny from the powerful fae and daemons. For the last several decades, she’s been engaged in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with her former lover turned enemy, Sebastian. A game that she’s been losing. Settling down in a quiet town on the Washington coast to lick her wounds, Nemain finds happiness living amongst her friends and family. The hot local werewolf doesn’t hurt either.
But the life she’s slowly been piecing back together shatters when vampires show up in town with a message. Sebastian knows where she is. And he’s coming for her.
Nemain is tired of running, and she wants nothing more than to kill Sebastian once and for all. But staying to fight and embracing her true power means no more hiding. Once Nemain’s secret is out, her life will never be the same But holding back will cost the lives of those she loves. Nemain will have to sacrifice something, but how will she choose? What will she choose?
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~Book 2~
A Shift in Fate

Six months after Nemain defeated the warlock leadership known as the Circle, she’s soaking in the freedom that comes with no longer being hunted. Her former lover turned enemy, Sebastian, is dead and the Circle has retreated in defeat. However, her reprieve comes to an end when a friend asks for a favor that she can’t refuse. Not when it could lead to answers that Nemain wants and alliances she desperately needs.

After a young fae boy with extraordinary magic wandered into a remote village in one of the fae realms, the village was destroyed. No one knows the identities or allegiances of the fae who destroyed the village, but one thing was clear, their magic consumed other magic. They were devourers—or at least part devourer. While most didn’t believe that was possible, Nemain certainly did. She had been hiding her devourer heritage for her entire life.

While Nemain and her friends set out to find the mysterious child and search for answers about the fae with magic so similar to hers, they discover that there are more secrets in their world than they ever thought possible. Old secrets, new secrets. Ancient secrets long forgotten. Secrets from both friend and foe. And Nemain is in the center of it all. Can she save herself and the fae child? And how much is she willing to sacrifice? 

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~Book 2.5~
A Shift in Fortune

A few months ago, Bryn was just a girl living in the remote fae village that she had built a life in after being abandoned as a baby. But fate intervened, and her world suddenly became more complicated than she ever could have imagined.

Now she’s living in the human realm and getting a crash course on everything from coffee to supernatural politics. She also finally knows what she is—a valkyrie. Sworn to protect Finn, the son of the exiled fae King, Bryn is determined to live up to her role as his guardian.

Her new friends are helping as much as they can, but none of them can help her master her magic. When Nemain arranges for Bryn to meet with Sigrun, an old valkyrie with a complicated history of her own, she jumps at the chance. Unfortunately Sigrun wants nothing to do with training a new valkyrie.

Bryn is determined to change her mind and enlists the help of the dark-haired and clever Elisa to help. But the deeper she dives into Sigrun’s life, the clearer it becomes that the valkyrie warrior might need Bryn as much as Bryn needs her.

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