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A Shift in Shadows (Book 1)

A wicked feline shifter. A cruel warlock.
And a dark secret that can devour worlds.
A bloody heart. That has been my birthday gift every year from the warlock I once loved. He used me, so I left him. And found the love of my life. We shared a blissful life together until Sebastian destroyed it all with one sweeping declaration.
You will always be mine.
After failing in my attempt to get revenge and barely escaping. I find myself once again starting over with the support of my friends, and trying to let go of the past. When I meet the sweet and adorably innocent local werewolf, Andrei, I think I might finally have a real shot at finding happiness again. I should have known better.
Sebastian has found me and he’ll do what he always does—hurt those I love. But I have a secret. The dark magic I keep chained deep within my soul is a weapon just waiting to be unleashed. I could finally claim my revenge and protect everyone important to me. But my kind of magic is forbidden. And the price for using it may be my life.
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A Shift in Fate (Book 2)

Revenge always has a cost. Mine was a secret.
Everyone knows about the devourers. The wicked monsters that threatened to destroy all the realms until the fae and daemons locked them away. Slight problem. I have devourer magic.
It’s only a matter of time before the fae or daemons learn about my abilities. Best case, they bind me to them in service. Worst case… a very excruciating death. I’d prefer neither, which means I need to make some powerful alliances fast.
Enter my best friend, who happens to be a high-ranking daemon, with an offer. Go to the fae realms. Find the mysterious kid who is running around with strange, powerful magic. And bring him back safely.
Simple enough. Except he’s being hunted by ruthless assassins. And they have magic like mine. I might finally get the answers I’ve wanted my whole life. But what—or who—am I willing to sacrifice for it?

A Shift in Fortune (Book 3)

Sometimes your life only begins after you die.
A few months ago, I was just a human girl, living in a remote fae village. Then I befriended a quiet fae boy. Tried to protect him. Failed. Died. And awoke as a valkyrie.
Neat trick, right?
Unfortunately. Being a valkyrie doesn’t come with a manual. Nemain and her friends are helping as much as they can, but I need someone who understands my magic. I need another valkyrie.
My prayers are answered when I meet Sigrun. Even as jaded as she is, the old valkyrie warrior is perfect. Except she wants nothing to do with me. I have three days to change her mind and I refuse to fail in this.
But Sigrun has a long list of secrets… and enemies. And some of them are drawing near. I have to convince her to accept our help. For both our sakes. Because valkyries only get to walk away from death once.
Dive into this fast-paced long novella told from Bryn’s POV and meet some new characters to the Lost Legacies lineup. And witness some amusing moments between Nemain and Mikhail.

A Shift in Ashes (Book 4)

Fulfill the blood debt. Rescue the princess. Easy.
Slight problem. The princess lives in a realm full of extremely angry dragons. Oh, and the princess… she’s also a dragon.
But it’s fine. I’ve never been the type to back down from a challenge. Even if there wasn’t a blood debt between us, Eddie’s my friend and he needs my help to rescue his love. I don’t need a better reason than that to go on this insane mission. Plus, fighting a dragon sounds like my kind of fun.
But what started out as a straight-forward rescue plan has become so much more. The exiled fae king is plotting, and I need to figure out what, because it’s not just our lives at risk. All the realms will fall if he gets his way.
Rescue the dragon princess. Uncover the evil fae king’s plot. And keep the dangerous and clever-tongued Mikhail at arm’s length. I can surely do at least two of these things…

A Shift in Wings (Book 5)

War. Betrayal. Exile.
I sacrificed everything to end a war that was tearing my home apart. My reward? Being seen as an abomination in the eyes of the people I’d fought so hard to save.
After centuries of isolation, I find myself thrust back into the chaos of life because my friends need me and I won’t let them down. Another war is brewing, and this one has the potential to destroy all the realms.
But my past isn’t ready to let me go just yet. As I hunt for answers about what the exiled king is plotting in a foreign realm, two complications arise. One an ancient enemy who wants a piece of soul.
And the other… Niall. A fae warrior with a jaded past and dark secrets that rival my own.
To accomplish my task, I’m forced to ally with him. But a fae bargain is never simple. And I can’t help but fear that fate is once again leading me to ruin.
Fall into this steamy love story about second chances told from Sigrun’s POV. This is not a standalone and must be read after A Shift in Ashes.