Another Jinx Snippet

It wasn’t my intention to post two Jinx related snippets back-to-back but I’m going with it. This will probably be the last snippet from A Shift in Shadows, the edits for A Shift in Fate should be hitting my inbox any moment so all future snippets will be coming from there. While I wait for […]

Snippet Friday!

Happy Friday y’all! Here’s a snippet from A Shift in Shadows featuring Jinx, the next few snippets will continue to be from A Shift in Shadows but after that I’ll be switching over to A Shift in Fate!    Jinx lifted his head and looked at us from his chair. He met Andrei’s eyes, and […]

Snippet Friday

Small non-spoilery snippet from A Shift in Shadows. And yes, the plant makes an appearance in A Shift in Fate too : )   “What does this have to do with why the warlocks and vampires are hunting you?” Hazel eyes brimming with curiosity and a small amount of wariness met mine. My magic shifted under my skin, […]

Two Weeks Until Release Day!

Two weeks until A Shift in Shadows is officially out in the wild! I’m so excited for launch day! The e-book and paperback will be available on October 26th. I did finally settle on an audio narrator, Krys Janae. I really enjoy her work and think she’ll do a great job at narrating Nemain. I don’t […]


A Shift in Shadows is officially in the hands of the copy-editor! Aside from reviewing the changes and feedback I get from the copy-editor the book is pretty much done. I can’t express how happy I am to not be editing anymore. I’ve already started writing the second book and it’s really nice to just […]

Book Cover Finished!

The cover for A Shift in Shadows is done and I love it so much! The cover was designed by Kelly Ritchie who was delightful to work with. I’ve had really good experience so far finding folks on Reedsy. In addition to updating the book cover I’ve also added the first two chapters to the book page. So check it […]