Frequently Asked Questions

At this time I’m planning on there being seven books in the main series, so not including any of the novella or side character books. This is the rough plan for the series including all novellas, short stories, side character books, and main books.

– Kaysea Short Story (This will be a short story about how Nemain and Kaysea met that will only be available to newsletter subscribers)

– A Shift in Darkness (Prequel Novella)

– A Shift in Shadows (Book 1)

– A Shift in Fate (Book 2)

– A Shift in Fortune (Book 2.5 – This will be a short novel from Bryn’s POV)

– A Shift in Ashes (Book 3)

– A Shift in Wings (Book 3.5 – This will be a short or full novel from Sigrun’s POV)

– No Title Yet (Book 4)

– No Title Yet (Book 4.5 – This will be a short or full novel told from a side character’s POV)

– No Title Yet (Book 5)

– No Title Yet (Book 5.5 – This will be a short or full novel told from a side character’s POV)

– No Title Yet (Book 6)

– No Title Yet (Book 6.5 – This will be a short or full novel told from a side character’s POV)

– No Title Yet (Book 7)

I typically release 2-3 books a year. If you want to always be informed of new releases then I would suggest signing up for my newsletter. This is the tentative release schedule for 2023.

– A Shift in Fortune – March 2023

– A Shift in Ashes – July 2023

– A Shift in Wings – November 2023

Everyone has different tolerances for topics and themes within a book. Because of this, writing a content warning can be challenging. For example, folks who read dark fantasy often have very different tolerances compared to those who might read sweet fantasy romance. I’ll list out a few themes and topics that you’ll encounter in my books in this section. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

If it’s helpful to compare violence/sex/dark themes to other books, I would put mine next to the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews.¬†Also if you haven’t read that series you definitely should : )

– General fantasy violence via swords/knives magic (MC really likes to unalive things)

– Consumption of alcohol (MC likes her whiskey)

– References to depression, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts (the latter is kept fairly vague)

– Some brief scenes of torture, nothing super graphic

– Sexy times (Sex scenes are short but explicit and get spicier as series goes on. They are ALWAYS consensual)

– Death of parents and loved ones (mostly references but there are flashbacks)

– References to emotional and physical child abuse

*If you’ve read the series and think something else should be added here, please let me know!

An ARC is an “Advanced Reading Copy”, basically it’s a pre-release version of a book. For most authors, myself included, this version has been through the editing/proofreading process and is ready for publication. Authors use ARC’s as a way to get reviews prior to release, and hopefully, drum up some excitement.

If you’re interesting in receiving ARC’s in the future you can join my ARC team by filling out this form.

You do not need to be a book reviewer or blogger to join my ARC team, everyone is welcome! If you do run a review/blog account and are interested in getting a paperback edition, please reach out to me directly on social media or through the contact form on my website.