The edits for A Shift in Fate landed in my inbox over the weekend! The edits for A Shift in Shadows were tough and took a long time, but I don’t think that will be the case for A Shift in Fate. There were some issues I had with the overall story that I was trying to figure out how to fix when I handed the manuscript over to my editor, she picked up on the same issues and made several thoughtful suggestions. I’m ready to dive back into A Shift in Fate after working on Book Three for the last few weeks. Just like I did for the first book, I’ll be posting the first two chapters of A Shift in Fate on the website. The first chapter is already up and the second one will probably be posted later this week.

Aside from posting the first two chapters, I’ll try to find some nonspoilery snippets here and there to post. There is a chapter in the book that is likely going to be cut, which I’m kind of bummed about because I really like the chapter and it was fun to write. But it doesn’t really work with the flow of the book and feels a bit out of place. I’m currently planning on posting that as a bonus chapter after the book comes out in August. It contains spoilers so I can’t post it before folks have a chance to read the book : )

And now I return to editing…which will be my life for the next three weeks.

A Shift in Fate – Chapter 1