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Before she was captured. Before she was saved. Nemain went looking for magic… and found monsters instead.
Nemain has been hunting the merciless warlock Sebastian for decades. As a centuries-old feline shapeshifter, she is well acquainted with hunting dangerous supernaturals. But Sebastian knows her well, and he is always one step ahead. She will not give up, not after what he did… but her magic is spent, and it’s taking a disastrous toll.
Her friends take matters into their own hands and arrange an easy job for her, escorting the magic-barren Kalari back to their home realm on a quest to find their lost magic. It would be the break Nemain desperately needs, even if it isn’t exactly her idea of a good time. To further tempt her to take the job, Nemain’s friend sweetens the deal – take the job and they’ll give her a promising lead on Sebastian’s whereabouts when she returns.
But the realm that had been decimated by volcanic activity isn’t the empty wasteland Nemain was told it was. Something still lurks there. Something monstrous… and hungry.
Nemain and Jinx get into all kinds of trouble in the fae realm before Kaysea bails them out. Of course, Kaysea was the one to get them into trouble in the first place…