I’m officially halfway through the edits for A Shift in Fate. Yay! 

Overall the edits are pretty minor which is nice. It makes the process more fun, and less stressful. I do have to make a fairly major change to one character, basically remove them from the book, lol. It’s actually pretty similar to what I did with Eddie from the first book. He originally had a much bigger role in A Shift in Shadows, but it didn’t really work with the flow of the book so I ultimately cut his scenes down quite a bit. Most of those scenes got moved to this book, and it works so much better with the story. For A Shift in Fate, I’m probably going to cut out this particular character completely and make a reference to them at the end. They’ll make their grand entrance in Book Three : )

Got to head back to ze day job. Then convince myself to workout for an hour. Then back to the editing grind. And somewhere in there I have to cook dinner. I’m already tired.

A Shift in Fate – Chapter 2