Happy Friday y’all! Here’s a snippet from A Shift in Shadows featuring Jinx, the next few snippets will continue to be from A Shift in Shadows but after that I’ll be switching over to A Shift in Fate! 


Jinx lifted his head and looked at us from his chair. He met Andrei’s eyes, and a low growl rippled out from him.

“Umm . . . should I be worried?” Andrei whispered in my ear.

A soft chuckle broke from my lips. “You’ll be fine. He’s just not a fan of canines.”

“What is he?”

“Grimalkin. They’re from the fae realm.”

“They have magic?” Andrei asked. “Things go a little fuzzy for me sometimes when I’m in wolf form, but I remember being pinned to the ground.”

“In general it’s safe to assume anything from the fae realm has magic,” I said dryly. “Grimalkin magic, like most fae, is difficult to explain. Fae magic tends to be more elemental based. They’re very connected with nature. But they also have a much closer . . . relationship with magic? Understanding? I don’t know what the right word is. But they can see and feel magic, and some of them can manipulate it in odd ways. Grimalkin for example can turn magic into a physical force. Jinx was able to pin you down by gathering the magic in the air surrounding you and forcing that on you. He basically dropped a ton of magical bricks on you. That particular use of magic is somewhat limited. He couldn’t do it to another fae, for example. And even daemons and other magically gifted species could probably get out of it. But pretty useful against werewolves.” I huffed a laugh and Andrei pinched my arm.

“What else can he do?” he asked as he studied Jinx curiously.

All sorts of things, a sly voice said in my head. By the way Andrei jerked, I knew he heard it too.

Andrei tore his gaze away from Jinx and looked at me wide-eyed.

I smirked. “Forgot to mention they’re telepathic.”

“He can read my mind?” Andrei asked with a touch of panic.

There’s nothing in that head worth knowing.

“That’s not an answer!” Andrei snapped.

A deep laugh rumbled through my head.

I said, “He can definitely read minds to a certain degree. Surface thoughts are easy for him to pick up. The rest of it he has to work for, and he’s a lazy asshole so he doesn’t normally bother.”

Jinx growled at me from the chair but didn’t disagree with my assessment.